saas b2b writer at cocreate copy

I’m Lydia Ume, the writer behind Cocreate Copy. I’ve worked in-house as a content manager, writer, and strategist for SaaS and B2B brands in the last four years. My previous full-time role was as a Content Writer at Prospa, a B2B FinTech company.

I started Cocreate Copy to provide B2B SaaS and Marketing companies with value-packed and product-led content for their websites.

My philosophy

Writing is Design. I believe that there are opportunities in content to create a striking buyer experience with words as you would with design.

Lydia Ume

We are not a good fit if you are looking for a writer to stuff keywords or use black-hat SEO techniques to rank your posts.

But if you are looking for a writer to turn an idea into an engaging story that:

  • hooks your customers
  • showcases the value of your products and services in your content
  • positions you as a thought leader in your industry
  • uses keywords as a means to make your content visible on search engines
  • and truly speaks to the pain points of your ideal customers

You found me.

My interests in strategy, design, and writing come together to ensure that every content I write aligns with your business goals and provides solutions for the reader.